The PhD Help India assists PhD/DBA students by providing dedicated guidance and support throughout their research journey, acting as an External Research Guide to help them overcome challenges and achieve academic success.

PhD/DBA Services

Embarking on a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) journey is a profound commitment to scholarly exploration and contribution. At The PhD Help India, we recognize the significance of this academic pursuit and offer a comprehensive suite of services to guide you through every stage of your doctoral expedition.

Our PhD/DBA Services Include


PhD Coursework

The foundation of any doctoral program, coursework lays the groundwork for advanced research. Our experts assist you in navigating complex subjects, ensuring a strong academic foundation.


PhD Topic Selection

Crafting a meaningful and research-worthy topic is a crucial initial step. We provide expert guidance to help you narrow down and refine your research focus.


PhD Proposal

A well-crafted proposal is the blueprint for your research journey. We aid in developing a comprehensive and convincing proposal that aligns with academic standards.


PhD Dissertation (Full)

The pinnacle of your doctoral journey, a full dissertation demands rigorous research and scholarly writing. Our support ensures a robust and well-structured dissertation that meets academic expectations.


PhD Dissertation (Port)

Publication is the key to sharing your research with the academic community. We assist in transforming your dissertation into publishable formats, navigating the submission process.


Dissertation Rework

Feedback from peers or reviewers may necessitate revisions. Our experts provide constructive feedback and assist in reworking your dissertation to meet the highest standards.


PhD Synopsis

A concise yet comprehensive summary of your research, a synopsis is a crucial document. We help you create a compelling synopsis that captures the essence of your work.


PhD Presentation

Effectively presenting your research is an essential skill. We offer guidance in creating engaging and impactful presentations for your viva voce or other academic events.


PhD Research Plan

A well-defined research plan is the roadmap for your doctoral journey. We assist in formulating a robust research plan that aligns with academic expectations and timelines


PhD Viva Voice

The final hurdle in your Ph.D. journey, the viva voce examination demands thorough preparation. Our experts provide guidance to help you confidently navigate this critical stage.

Your Path to Academic Success

Embarking on a Ph.D. or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) journey is a big leap, and The PhD Help is here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re diving into research or business studies, we understand the complexities you might encounter. We’re not just a service provider; we become your dedicated research partner. We aim to make your doctoral experience smoother by offering expert guidance and unwavering support. From refining your research questions to helping you navigate the academic landscape, we’re committed to ensuring your Ph.D. or DBA journey is not only successful but also a transformative and enriching experience.